Client: RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institute

Format: Web

The RNLI’s float to live campaign was shown across many channels. That campaign video was seen by a young lad called Evan - it saved his live.

The RNLI approached me as they wanted to create a film which told that story. Evan and his mates were at the beach when a rogue wave dragged him out into a strong rip current. Only weeks before he had seen the advert, ironically before Baywatch the movie, about what to do if you find yourself in water.

When I read the brief, I could immediately see how the edit would come together. Filming Evan back at the scene of the accident along with cutting in footage from the actual advert would create a strong emotional hook for the viewer.

Because of the filming the RNLI can show the real beneficial effects of the campaign.

I also created shorter edits for social media use.
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