30 Years of the Busoga Trust

30 Years of the Busoga Trust

Charity Video Production

Client: Busoga Trust

Format: Web

This is the final film I produced for the Busoga Trust which gives an overview of their 30 year history. Shot last year in Uganda this short film which will be shown at their 30th anniversary bash.

I came across the music used a while back and was waiting for the ideal project; I think it works a treat, nice and uplifting. This was one of those edits which just came together perfectly. I wanted to make good use of background noise, like the opening scene of boy walking into the dirty water. As I had limited space to carry all of my kit, instead of recording sound separately I recorded straight into the 5d Mk3 and monitored via the headphone jack. With the audio level really low in camera and boosting the output level on the Sennheiser G3 this allowed me to get nice clean audio in a really compact setup.

This was first job where I properly used the Glidecam, such an awesome piece of kit when you get the hang of it. Shooting in 50p and slowing it down worked really well.
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