Ogilvy Vodka

Ogilvy Vodka

Client: Ogilvy Vodka

Production: From Ground to Glass

Format: Web

The folks at Ogilvy, whose farm is situated in rural Angus, are Scotland’s first potato vodka producers. They wanted a video that would depict their entire production process, from the first fields being ploughed to the finished article. Founders Graeme and Caroline are rightly proud of their local ingredients, and that everything happens on their land, so it was crucial to convey that home-grown feel in the film.

I employed aerial shots and motion graphics to establish the proximity of the potato fields to the distillery. Wishing to avoid the creation of a dry process film with endless views of machinery at work, we also used plenty of shots featuring people and animals, to show the life and soul of the farm. Two edits of the production were made: a short version for social media use and a longer film to play on a loop at the distillery.
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