Mary Queen of Scotland

Mary Queen of Scotland

Client: Historic Scotland

Production: Mary Queen of Scots Statue

Format: Web

I worked closely with Historic Scotland to produce a series of films documenting the creation of a bronze statue to honour one of Scotland’s most famous figures: Mary, Queen of Scots. Over the course of a whole year, I followed and filmed the progress of the artwork, which was commissioned by The Marie Stuart Society.

Firstly, a short teaser piece was produced to generate a real buzz about the project. Secondly, a mini-documentary lasting 10 minutes that looks at the collaboration between the various agencies involved. Thirdly, a five-minute film that focuses on the actual crafts involved in making the statue. These fascinating traditional skills, which really bring the process to life on screen, include the sculpture of David Annand (using wire armature and clay), the talents of expert stonemasons, plus metalwork by Powderhall Bronze.
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